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Refresh Your Brand and Your Perspective in 2023

As an entrepreneur, mother, grandmother, creative, and so much more I ask myself where do we go from here? I mean ‘we’ as an entrepreneurial/creative ecosystem worldwide. We have suffered the ups and downs of life, personal, professional, spiritual, and more. The challenges and obstacles mentally and/or financially whether in the public eye or in silence. However, it is time to make the transition and to become refreshed.

Refreshed as human beings, entrepreneurs, and creatives from all parts of the globe. To remind ourselves that we hold the key to our ultimate path and help answer the question where do we want to go? Do we want to become the best version of ourselves for us or for someone and/or something else? In my personal perspective it is long past time to become refreshed for myself first and foremost and everything else will follow.

As the owner and founder of Jessica Dalby Brand Media LLC, I needed to take a pause. I needed to pull back the layers of hurt, frustration, anguish, happiness, sadness, but most importantly determination to find myself looking at the very thing I needed to push me to the next level in my professional career, personal life, and spiritual elevation. That thing and that person was me, Jessica Dalby. The inability to control the uncontrollable has been a burden far to long to carry. However, the determination within me burns and yearns for more.

Take a plunge into something new.

To help those who may have gone through similar professional and/or personal situations I have gone through and continue to go through. To become refreshed as a person and to enhance Jessica Dalby Brand Media LLC to be the origin in refreshing the voices of creators worldwide. You don’t have to do things alone. I was blessed to cross paths with Julie Lokun, JD owner of The Mediacasters, Crown and Compass Life Coaching, and much more. She made light of something bigger than me, and I found my creative juices flowing and it was imperative to get this out tonight Sunday, November 13th, 2022.

One year ago, on December 14th, 2021, I was far from refreshed. I suffered in silence and should not be here today. Nonetheless I kept it pushing. However, to be happy and successful in life I have learned you first must be happy with yourself and accept that there is a reason for everything good and bad. Plan D with Jessica Dalby podcast reminded me second, and third chances exist. Regaining my power, strength, and perseverance first and then channeling it through Jessica Dalby Brand Media LLC is real. Refreshed sounds in music such as Yanni K Babii is coming. Refreshed voices globally exist and Jessica Dalby Brand Media LLC plans to be the mothership to becoming refreshed as this term takes many shapes, forms, meanings, and will be the catalyst to something big in the upcoming year.

--Keep Singing, Writing And Dancing In The Streets--Jess

Jessica Dalby is an internationally recognized public relations expert who understands the power of our voices. Jess is an advocate for all voices and leading the charge to normalize conversations about mental health. Jessica is the president of The Mediacasters, a community that empowers and educates creatives and small business owners. Most currently, she is collaborating on the book, Man You Are Crazy, which speaks to men who are challenged with trauma.

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