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Four Top Branding Trends You Need in 2023

Updated: Jan 20

Bold Simplicity and Mission-Forward Branding Is Taking Center Stage in 2023.

But first, the audit.... Branding Trends in 2023: Bold Simplicity If you are looking to uplevel your branding game in 2023 it is essential to audit your brand in 2022. What worked? What did not work?
Let's Take A Quick Audit on Your Brand⬇⬇⬇ Ask yourself these questions: Grab a pen and paper and take a deep look into your brand as it currently stands.
  • Did your brand elicit an emotional connection with your clients? What was your strength/weakness?

  • Are your visuals memorable? Remember it takes approximately 12 touchpoints to have a potential client or customer even know you exist. The more memorable the better.

  • How was your overarching engagement? Engagement is the key to building a strong brand. A brand that has thousands of followers on social media with no engagement is wasted energy.

  • What channels effectively produced ROI? (Return On Investment). Did you have high-quality engagement and leads on social media, a blog, your website, social audio, in-person speaking engagements, press releases, and collaborative events?

  • What message fell thru the cracks in your branding strategy in 2022? How can you refresh your messaging in 2023?

Messaging is universal. Whether you are a coach, a consultant, or a podcaster. an author or a one-woman-band, brand packaging is spoken in one language. The language of branding is slowly morphing from phronetic energy overload to simplistic boldness. Minimalism focused content, and bold colors reign supreme in the next year.

  1. Here are some ways you can rethink and refresh your brand, so you become a staple in the lives of your consumer. Keep it simple stupid--(KISS). Yes, keep your creativity at a minimum. We don't like overly worded attempts to lure us into your ecosystem. We demand bold attempts at branding, brighter colors and a few words (SEOS if possible) to win our hearts. **sidenote: bright hues and neon are making a comeback. Do not dismiss past trends. Look to the '80s for inspiration.

  2. Mission Forward Branding Makes Us Happy--Piggybacking on the idea of simplicity, we, as consumers are wanting to change the world. Convey to your audience the way you are adding value to the world. Nobody likes a greedy brand. We want to be wowed by your altruistic attempts to leave this world a better place.

  3. Make Us Laugh--This world needs a good laugh right now. Recession, inflation, and social disarray leaves the potential consumer in a depressed state. We need a good chuckle-and why not infuse your brand with irreverent humor? It works, and it is the salve that will connect you to a dissatisfied demographic.

  4. Humanize your brand-- Pull up your chairs and listen in. You are a brand. You are trying to grow and scale your brand, so do not forget you are a human. We need to remember that those vulnerable points, and those interesting challenges in our journey make us relatable.

Final Thoughts: Stop squirreling around. Stop chasing shiny objects and packing everything you do into your brand. You need to understand the strengths of your brand and go bold. GO BOLD OR GO HOME Be clear, be consistent and engaging. This is the magic that will take your business to the next level.

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